About This Program

Airwolf 3DU – A Comprehensive Learning Experience for the EVO Line of Additive Manufacturing Machines

Getting started in the world of Additive Manufacturing can be exciting, but can also be an incredibly daunting task if you have not learned the basics, especially for the specific machine you are using. Many manufacturers oftentimes do not provide proper documentation and instruction about the machines they are producing. This leaves the user to search the internet for countless hours scouring for tidbits of information, which is incorrect in many cases. The machine itself may be great and very capable, but if the company isn’t providing the necessary “know-how” on how to properly use and even more importantly, understand the machine, the user is left in the dark and the machine is usually shelved.

The course features a number of topics that cover everything needed to properly run and maintain the EVO machines.

Airwolf 3DU is here to change the perception that the user must do all of the work themselves to properly use and understand a 3D printer. The EVO is a complex and very capable line of additive manufacturing machines, and although they are easy to use, they do require a basic level of understanding to get the most out of them.

EVO users can now sign up for Airwolf 3DU and gain detailed insight on how to get started, use the software, operate, troubleshoot and also maintain the machine. This gives the user the confidence they need and the ability to use the EVO to its full potential.

Covering a wide range of topics, the comprehensive learning system includes detailed articles, videos, downloadable content and more — giving the user multiple ways of learning. Each lesson ends with a quiz covering the main points of the given topic. Easily navigate your way through basic operation to advanced printing techniques and practices, all at your own pace.

If you are interested in participating in our early beta program now, please contact us at info@airwolf3d.com.

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